When taxpayers are ripped off by government contractors, including Medicaid and Medicare health care providers, everyone loses — except for the wrongdoer.  If you are aware of a scam, such as improper billing practices, to defraud the United States or any of its agencies or departments, we can help you achieve justice by filing a whistleblower lawsuit in which the United States and you may be entitled to receive money repaid by the wrongdoer, including fines and penalties. 

For instance, your employer may have a contract with the government and, through this contract, falsifies bills or inflates costs.  Or, perhaps, you work in health care and your hospital is billing Medicare for incorrect procedures to increase its revenues.  These fraudulent actions should be stopped so that all of us, as taxpayers, are benefited. 

As a federal prosecutor,
C. Dean Furman served as the Health Care Fraud coordinator for the Western District of Kentucky.  In this position, he worked with whistleblower lawsuits, called qui tams, to investigate and prosecute health care crimes.  Now, in private practice, he works with the United States Attorney's Office, to represent whistleblowers as they pursue justice through these qui tam lawsuits.  To learn more about qui tams, please click here to read a qui tam article by C. Dean Furman, a version of which appeared in The Advocate.

If you believe that false and fraudulent claims are being submitted to the government, or that a federal contractor is intentionally violating contract requirements, please
contact us so that can work towards exposing the wrongdoing and ensuring job protection for you.

Alternatively, if you are a government contractor and wish to ensure that you are not a target of a
qui tam, we provide compliance services to help you evaluate your business and work with your employees to make certain they understand your commitment to proper billing and fulfillment of government contracts.
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