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    Sometimes, law enforcement officials can make mistakes and a client may need an attorney to fight the injustice of a false accusation.  Other times, good people can make mistakes and a client may need an attorney to assert a client's rights and negotiate a fair plea agreement.  In either case, we can help.

    As a former federal prosecutor, C. Dean Furman investigated and prosecuted complex, white collar cases involving a wide variety of individual and corporate wrongdoing.  He served as the Health Care Fraud Coordinator for the Western District of Kentucky, as well as the Bankruptcy Fraud Coordinator and chair of the multi-agency Bankruptcy Fraud Task Force for the District.  He has prosecuted cases involving health care fraud, bankruptcy fraud, government procurement fraud, public integrity, bank fraud and embezzlement, tax fraud, counterfeiting, mail and wire fraud, bank robbery, social security fraud, and racketeering.  In prosecuting cases, he worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, the Secret Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Defense criminal investigators, the Department of Health and Human Services criminal investigators, the Louisville Police, and other law enforcement agencies.

    With few exceptions, we only handle
federal criminal cases.  However, we can recommend attorneys who may be able to assist a potential client in state court criminal cases.

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