Litigation Help

If you've been injured, have a contract dispute, or been on the wrong end of a transaction, you may wonder what your legal rights are, how strong a case you have, or, at times, whether you even have a case.  If you are aware of fraud on the government through phony sales or inflated bills, you may want to know how you can right that wrong by filing a whistleblower lawsuit.  For any of these situations, we can meet with you, discuss all the facts and information about your situation, and help you if you have a case where a legal remedy exists. 

After our initial consultation, which is without charge if you choose not to retain us, you decide on whether to retain our practice as your attorney.  Once we are retained, we can fully evaluate your case, obtain documents, talk to witnesses, research the law, and give you an evaluation of your legal issues. At times, we can settle your case before a lawsuit is filed.  If necessary, we can file a lawsuit and either settle, mediate, or try the case if it cannot be resolved.  For instance, C. Dean Furman has taught trial practice at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law and is not shy about trying a case if it is the best opportunity for you to achieve a satisfactory result.

All along the way, we will keep you updated on your case, on what to expect, and be available for calls and for meetings to answer your questions.  Pursuing a legal case is a big step in a person's life.  The alternative of not pursuing a case can be an even harder, potentially detrimental choice.  We understand this and want to make your decision in pursuing your legal rights easy and understandable so that you can concentrate on your life, not your lawsuit. 

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Wills & Estate Help

 No one wants to think of his or her own mortality.  Yet, if you want the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will have less of a burden when you pass away, you should consider having a will drafted for you. For existing clients we can either walk you through the process of creating a will and estate plan or refer you to an attorney who can assist you in ensuring that your wishes are carried out in the future. Whether you have family heirlooms you want to be given to certain people, or considerable assets, we can help your estate plans so that it is not left to the Commonwealth of Kentucky to decide for you.
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Commercial and Construction Help

From contract negotiations and preparation to litigating complex commercial and construction disputes and claims, we can assist companies in avoiding and resolving commercial and construction matters in a quick and economical manner.
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Criminal Law Help

If you need help for yourself or another individual, please click here.
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Referral Help

We do not practice in all areas of the law.  We also may have too many cases at times, or after talking with you, we may realize that you need additional help than what we can offer.  In these situations, we can assist you in finding a lawyer.  Contact us for a meeting and we will make an effort to help you solve your legal issues.