You may reach us by telephone: (502) 245-8883.

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We strive to return every call, fax, or e-mail within twenty-four hours (or on Monday if you tried to contact us during the weekend).  In the event that we have not contacted you, please call -- a technical glitch may have occurred with our voice mail, our facsimile, or our e-mail system.  

E-mail Disclaimer

We welcome the receipt of e-mail. However, you should be aware that the act of sending e-mail to Furman & Nilsen, PLLC or a specific attorney at the firm does not create an attorney-client relationship, and that you are not entitled to have us treat the information contained in an e-mail as confidential if no attorney-client relationship exists between us at the time that we receive that e-mail. An attorney-client relationship cannot be created until we consider potential conflicts of interest and agree to that relationship. If you are interested in establishing an attorney-client relationship, we invite you to call or visit with one of our attorneys for that purpose.